Imagine filling your pages with relevant social content…

How would your users respond?

Truly Experiences, a luxury experiences marketplace, did just that.

Truly Experiences used Twizoo to find and display the top 6 Tweets and Instagrams about each of the venues within their marketplace.

Using Twizoo’s grid display, Truly Experiences instantly filled their pages with engaging, relevant social content. Measuring return-on-investment through purchase conversions, Truly Experience’s ran an A/B test to whether displaying the social content increased the likelihood their website visitors would make purchase.

As a result, Truly Experiences saw a 7% increase in conversion.

Through using Twizoo’s grid display, the Tweets and Instagrams from their venue’s customers gave their users an extra boost of information and confidence, inspiring them to make the purchase.

This inspiration through the social content displayed on their pages led to a 7% increase in purchase conversion on their mobile website.

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